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Arian History and the Early Church Forum for discussions on Arian History, the History of the Early Church and the Origins of Christianity.

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Old 12th June 2015
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Default Bishop John of Ravenna

There was an Arian Bishop of Ravenna called John in the second half of the 5th century. He faced Attila the Hun, and asked Attila to spare the people of Ravenna. Attila agreed, and took the city without harming anyone. This is somewhat similar to Maximinus, who in the case of barbarian invaders in southern Italy asked them to leave, which they did. John of Ravenna is also said to have had a similar encounter with Theodoric the Great.

"The foundations of the bright city of the waters was then laid, upon the sedgy islands that fringed the Adriatic, by the refugees from the various towns of Italy that were dismantled by the barbarian. Valentinian had fled from his palace at Ravenna to the protection of the eternal city, and Attila, while besieging Padua, or at a later period of his progress, is said to have received John the Arian bishop of Ravenna, who came with his clergy in white robes to solicit his mercy for their town and its population, and perhaps to offer him the assistance of the Arians to subjugate all Italy without a conflict, if he would adopt their faith. He is said to have answered that he would spare the town, but would throw down their gates and trample them under the feet of his cavalry, that the inhabitants might not in their vanity imagine their own strength to have been the cause of their preservation."

HERE and HERE, also mentioned in this work.

Interestingly, he is listed as a saint HERE.
His feast day is Jan. 12, and he died in the year 494.

PS. According to one version from Thuróczy, Attila continued to Rome, and Pope Leo followed the example of John. Not only did it succeed, but Leo also persuaded Attila to murder the bishop of Ravenna. I have not looked into this bit very much though.

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