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Old 23rd June 2008
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Default Infraction for Composer: Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.

Post: God Promises a Prophet like Moses (May God's Peace and Light upon him)
User: Composer
Infraction: Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Points: 200

Administrative Note:
Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Message to User:
The use of "" constitudes bandwidth theft, a forum rule violation. This is the second instance of this with different gif files.

Composer is also picking and choosing from obscure bible translations to suit his agenda, it is clear from scripture that in Luke 10:18 Jesus saw satan fall, like lightning, from heaven. Any other interpretation would not make sence anyway.

The quote from the Qu'ran is not so different from the Christian bible which states that the spilling of the blood of a theif in the night would not be mourned. It's just not quite to graphic but the result is more severe!

The inintension of this post is to attempt to spread hatred against Muslems.
Original Post:
Originally Posted by Danage View Post
I said nothing of the kind, only that you should respect other people's sincerely held beliefs, even if you do think they are wrong, and for your information what I have read of al-Qur'an itself does not in the slightest suggest aggressive behaviour.
Like the devil you see in Luke 10:18 that ain't there and you can't show me that it is you have the same optical impediment with the Qur'an

and he said to them, `I was beholding the Adversary, as lightning from the heaven having fallen; (Luke 10:18) YLT

Danage reads that as " My jesus saw a naughty angel called the devil literally falling from God's heavenly domain? "

You are so hilarious Danage!

Then Danage reads the following as " I don't see any aggressive behavior "

Mohammed’s sins. Specific things mentioned in the Bukhari vol.1.4.70 no.234 p.147-148; Bukhari vol.8.82.1 no.794,795 p.520 are amputating people’s arms and legs, burning out their eyes, and making them thirst as they died after their limbs were cut off. See Bukhari vol.8.82.3 no.796, ch.4 p.797; Bukhari vol.6 ch.150 prior to no.198 p.158-159, as well as Fiqh us-Sunnah vol.1 p.133 (\Origins of Islam)

Well all I can say to you is -

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