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Old 23rd June 2008
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Default Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.

Post: God Promises a Prophet like Moses (May God's Peace and Light upon him)
User: Composer
Infraction: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Points: 100

Administrative Note:
Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Message to User:
This post is a direct abuse of the forum. The thread is off topic and the purpose of this post appears to be to insult Islam. There are other forums for that purpose, NOT this one. This forum has a category for discussing the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity (particularly Arian Catholicism) as Muslims follow the teachings of Abraham and it is no coincidence that Islam developed in the 7th century after many Arian clergy fled to the east. This does not mean that the Arian Catholic Church is Islamic but we celebrate the common ground between Judaism, Arian Catholicism and Islam as the right path.

Original Post:
Originally Posted by Jesus John View Post
Dear Composer,

You may not believe on the Qur'an or Muhammad (Pbuh) in some reasons, this is your choice and nobody can blame you for this. We are all created from our Lord and we all are living in his grace. You are breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, laughing, crying, loving, having bath, having toilet, becoming ill, becoming health, also I. We have no difference in this earth life. As our lovely lord Jesus (Pbuh) has said "Our Lord hail down the rain upon everyone" This means that He doesnt make any difference. But we shall have a difference in the coming life. All the conscious men will be honored with God's love and bless. We are all striving to earn His love, His mercy and bless to live also in his grace in the coming life.

We are worshipping only one God called Allah, for us there is no deity than Him. We accept and believe all apostles (Pbut) of Him, we believe that He revealed the Torah and the Bible as a grace for mankind before the Qur'an. We accept and believe that Muhammad (Pbuh) is His last apostle send for mankind and genies. Muhammad is the promise of Moses (Pbuh) and God Almighty, the pray of Abraham and Ishmael (Pbut), the good news of Jesus (Pbuh) called periqlytos.

Please do not attack on my believe, you can write what ever you want in respect, we can speak and question what you want but please dont hurt me.

Thank you,

But I am not hurting you, I am showing great love and compassion by exposing the Qur'an for the ungodly book it is and exposing Muhammed for the murderer and ungodly and debaucherous self confessed sinner history has recorded.

I could leave you Muslems believing his lies but I don't, I take the time and effort to show you the truth instead of letting you remain in your deluded condition.

I mean even the Qur'an itself exposes Muhammed for the shameful liar he is. I don't need to use my words I let the Qur'an and Hadiths and Historians speak for me and even Muhammed's own testimony exposes him as a sinner.

Here are a few samples (There are plenty more) -

Muhammed was a sinner. Many Muslims believe that he was sinless. However, he said this himself: "O Allah, set me apart from my sins..." [Hadith vol. 1, No. 711].

(My Ref: #beheadings and lootings): - Mohammed preyed upon caravans with his men. Bukhari vol.3 book 37 ch.8 no.495 p.280 says, "When Allah made the prophet wealthy through conquests..." 1/5 of all spoils of war was put into treasury, and Sahih Muslim vol.2 book 5 ch.401 no.2348 p.519 says Mohammed’s family had a share out of that. The Muslims first looting is known as the Nakhla Raid. During the traditional month of truce, his followers ambushed a caravan, killing one, enslaving the rest, and taking the plunder. Mohammed himself led the second raid at Badr. Mohammed added to his wealth by attacking the Jewish settlement of Khaibar. He and his loyal men got plunder and wives (Mohammed needed another wife?) of the 700-1,000 Jewish men of the Banu Quraiza tribe they beheaded after they surrendered. (\Origins of Islam)

. . . . . , here is what the Qur’an and Bukhari Hadith say about Mohammed. In Sura 40:55 and 48:1-2 Allah tells Mohammed to ask forgiveness for his sin (or frailty.) Now people do not need forgiveness for physical frailties, but for moral ones. Sahih Muslim vol.1 book 4 ch.268 no.1695 p.373 says Mohammed prayed, "I wronged myself and make a confession of my sin. Forgive all my sins,…" Bukhari vol.1 book 2 ch.13 no.19 p.23, vol.1.12.57 no.781 p.434; vol.6 .60.3 no.3 p.4; vol.8.75.3 no.319 p.213, and vol.8.75.62 prior to no.407 p.271 prior also mention Mohammed’s sins. Specific things mentioned in the Bukhari vol.1.4.70 no.234 p.147-148; Bukhari vol.8.82.1 no.794,795 p.520 are amputating people’s arms and legs, burning out their eyes, and making them thirst as they died after their limbs were cut off. See Bukhari vol.8.82.3 no.796, ch.4 p.797; Bukhari vol.6 ch.150 prior to no.198 p.158-159, as well as Fiqh us-Sunnah vol.1 p.133 (\Origins of Islam) (My Bold)

So the Qur'an itself shows what a disgrace and ungodly man Muhammed was and you want to encourage others to also follow that example, goodness me?
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