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Rules of the ACTS Forum Please read these rules prior to posting.

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Old 21st November 2006
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Post ACTS Forums - Rules and Guidelines

To All ACTS Forum Users!

The following are rules and guidelines for the Arian Catholic Theological Society web forums and discussion board. Please read carefully.

1 Multiple Accounts
Users are permitted to have ONE user account on this board only. Those who create multiple accounts will have BOTH accounts removed. If a user account does not work, please contact a moderator. The account will be removed and a new account can then be set up. The only exception to this rule is the board administrator who has two accounts: Arius and Archbishop.
The posting of replies to one’s own messages using two or more accounts will not be tolerated. Anyone caught violating this rule will have their account closed and IP address banned.

2 Banned User Evasion
If a user has been banned, he or she must NOT try to evade their ban or create a new account. If a banned user feels their ban was unwarranted, then they should make their appeal to one of the moderators.

3 Harassment of Users
Users should not contact people they have not already communicated with or have an understanding relationship with by direct e-mail. Users are free to send someone a private message via their board e-mail box if they have an existing communication relationship with them or have a sincere question that they wish to express off the board.

4 SPAMming and Trolling
(a) Posting SPAM messages or any other kind of unauthorised or irrelevant advertisement on the forum will not be tolerated and will result the instant removal of the SPAM message and the account and IP address of the user responsible being banned.
(b) Trolling is the posting of messages solely in order to cause offence or nuisance. Trolling will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of the offending messages and a ban.

5 E-mail Addresses
Unfortunately the collection of e-mail addresses has commercial value to certain individuals and organisations that use this information for malicious purposes, such as SPAM. There are in fact programs that scan websites for e-mail addresses. Therefore please DON’T enter your or anyone else’s e-mail address on the forum unless it can be represented in an alternative format (joe.bloggs or use a graphic instead, an graphic has been provided among the smilies. Do NOT try to use: "@", "at", "-at-", "(at)", "", ":at:" etc or any derivative as they will be recognised.

6 Content of Posts
Users should try to keep their posts within the boards’ topics. If technical difficulties are being experienced, or a user has a complaint, they should contact one of the moderators, or use the "Tips and Tricks" forum. The moderators reserve the right to move posts to appropriate threads. If a user starts a new board or thread and requests their own guidelines, those guidelines should be respected.

7 Copyright Material
(a) The nature of this forum is such that research requirements may necessitate the use of reference material. Please do not post any links to copyrighted material. Anyone violating this rule will have their post removed and face a possible ban. This does not include using excerpts from books that follow fair usage guidelines.
(b) Anyone caught plagiarising an article or copying written work will receive a final warning.

8 Consideration of other people’s points of view
Posts on the ACTS Forums will seldom be deleted. The very nature of the topic of Christianity is inclined to create a difference of opinion. It is accepted that there will be differences of opinion and that users have the right to express them. Nobody will be banned because his or her views are not in sync with those of others on the forum; that tactic is left to other forums. With the exception of Administrative zones, posts are instantaneously added. No pre-viewing and decision making is involved prior to a post. All moderating takes place after a post is made.

9 Responsibility of posts
(a) Opinions expressed in the posts on this forum are not necessarily those of the Arian Catholic Theological Society, the Arian Catholic Church or its clergy. All responsibility for posts lies with the poster. Posters are reminded to choose their words carefully as any damages that may be incurred are their responsibility.
(b) The Arian Catholic Theological Society reserves the right to use posts or any part thereof as part of an article in the ACTS Magazine or on the web site. Full credit will be given to the poster.

10 Images, Links, Attachments and Bandwidth Theft
(a) Web addresses in posts are not blocked provided they are relevant to the topic and are not malicious, immoral or illegal.
(b) When posting images, users must not direct link to any images on servers not owned or under their control. This constitutes bandwidth theft and is a violation of the terms of service of this web discussion board.
(c) Registered members of the ACTS Discussion Forum who have an image they wish to use as an icon, can either upload it or ask a moderator who will be pleased to upload the image, where it can then be direct linked to locally.
(d) Please keep attachments small, i.e. under 100 kb. Where possible it is advised that attachments should either be linked to or compressed, e.g. using .zip, .gz, or .sit formats. If a larger attachment is needed then please contact a moderator.

11 Policy regarding abuse
All users of the ACTS Forums are asked that they respect each other. If there is a disagreement, it is fine to disagree, but if such disagreements will disrupt the harmony of the board, then users must agree to disagree. Failure to do so will result in removal from this forum. This applies to moderators as well as general posters.

12 Complaints Procedure
Registered users have the ability to rate threads and users; however violations of the rules and guidelines can incur infractions, a final warning or a ban. In all such cases users should always contact a moderator in the first instance:
(a) Infraction / complaint to a Moderator - The User Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users. Infractions carry a point total that is awarded to users. When a user reaches pre-determined point levels, the user is given infraction groups. Infraction groups are set up to restrict the permissions of users.
(b) Final Warning from the Administrator – In the cases of repeated offences unacceptable behaviour then the user concerned will receive a final warning.
(c) Ban – Where a user has exercised unacceptable behaviour or repeatedly offended, they will be banned from the ACTS Forums and have their IP address blocked.

Thank you for your attention to these rules and guidelines.

Fr. Michael John
Mt. Rev’d Dr. B.B. Michael John Mackenzie-Hanson, B.A. (Hons), D.D., acOSB
Arian Catholic Primate Archbishop of York
Site Administrator

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