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Complaints & Infractions Forum for discussing complaints and infractions.

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Old 23rd June 2008
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Default Infraction for Composer: Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.

Post: God Promises a Prophet like Moses (May God's Peace and Light upon him)
User: Composer
Infraction: Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Points: 100

Administrative Note:
Infraction for Composer: Mis-use of forum, multiple rule violation.
Message to User:
Composer is accusing Muhammad of being a murderer. This view is not shared by the forum nor the Arian Catholic Church. While there have been wars over centuries involving Muslims against Christians, history does not support Composer's view. The Koran does not advocate unjustified aggression, in much the same way as the Christian Bible.

This post is provocative and inflammatory.
Original Post:
Originally Posted by Jesus John View Post
Dear Composer,

I only can decide if you are hurting me or not. There is a proverb in Turkish saying "Only a tree which have fruit will be stoned" I am not the advocate of Muhammad (Pbuh) he lived and passed away, such we all will one day. But he is closer to me than myself. He is my lord and my first source which I follow to become God conscious.

"The Messenger is closer to the Believers than their own selves" (33:6)
"Now hath come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves: it grieves him that ye should suffer, ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful" (9:28)
"Only through the Divine Mercy have you (Muhammad) been able to deal with your followers so gently. If you had been stern and hard-hearted, they would all have deserted you a long time ago" (3:159)

Please read the words of our lovely lord Jesus (Pbuh) in the Bible. Open your heart and try to understand what he mean in his words. Pray God to get wisdom, to get mercy (Amen)

Love us, have respect to the oldies, open your arms wide to show mercy to the childs, give some money from your income to the poor people, smile to your neighbour, visit your relatives, run fro help to your brothers.

I forgive you.

May God love us and forgive us (Amen)

You prefer to follow a murderer, so be it.

You don't even accept the words of your own Qur'an and Hadiths about your beloved murderer and self confessed sinner Muhammed, so you are truly blind.

Islam is a disgrace.
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